The STOW Implementation Board

The STOW programme is industry led by the STOW Implementation Board (STOW IB) which is responsible for the overall implementation of STOW and for sustaining the initiative in the energy industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

The STOW IB was established in January 2008. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the systems for compliance, monitoring and evaluation of the HSE requirements developed under STOW-TT, are properly set up and work as intended.

The STOW IB is comprised of representatives from the major downstream (Point Lisas Energy Association - PLEA) and upstream (Association of Upstream Operators of Trinidad & Tobago – AUOTT) operating companies.

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Surveillance Audits

Effective Sept 1st 2017 Surveillance Audits will be included in the contracts for STOW audits.......Read more

Now available:
- STOW Clinic (call for an appointment)
- Feedback form on the STOW website
- HSE lessons learnt website at