Required Scores & Fees

Scores to become certified

The STOW Implementation Board has taken a decision to grant two (2) year certification to any company that attains a minimum of 85% in each of the eleven elements of STOW effective January 1st 2012. 

Contracting companies must attain the following scores to be STOW certified:

minimum 75% in each element:   1 year certification

minimum 85% in each element:   2 year certification

Companies must also score a minimum of 70% on the Physical Condition Tour of the audit for 1 year certification and 80% on the Physical Condition Tour of the audit for 2 years certification.

If at any audit, a contracting company achieves a score of 95% in each element, the company will be granted certification for 2 years and will also be given a special recognition.

Fees Associated with being Certified

  • APPLICATION FEE payable to The Energy Chamber  
  Chamber Members ($TT) VAT INCL. Non Members ($TT) VAT INCL
Low Risk $1,150.00 $1,437.50
High Risk $3,450.00 $4,312.50
  • AUDIT FEE payable to The Energy Chamber together with the application fee.  The quoted audit fee will be based on the information provided by the contractor (level of risk, the number of services and the number of sites) submitted by the company when applying for the Assessment.  Click here for guidance on determining the number of audit days. 


  •  ASSESSOR RATES are as follows:

    Senior Assessors:         TT$2,500 – TT$3,000/ day + VAT
    (Can audit low, medium, high risk companies)

    Assessors:                   TT$1,500 – TT$2,000/ day + VAT
    (Can audit low risk companies only)
  • CERTIFICATION FEE payable to the Energy Chamber of TT$1,000.00  + VAT




Surveillance Audits

Effective Sept 1st 2017 Surveillance Audits will be included in the contracts for STOW audits.......Read more

Now available:
- STOW Clinic (call for an appointment)
- Feedback form on the STOW website
- HSE lessons learnt website at