Pending STOW Assessments

The following companies have completed their assessment and the report was submitted to the STOW Project Office.  They are now awaiting a decision on their certification, from the STOW Implementation Board. 

A&A Mechanical Contractors & Company Limited

A. Guevara & Sons

Anthony Marine Services Limited

Apex Equipment Services Limited


Baroid Trinidad Services Limited

Big World Resources

Buxo Trinidad & Tobago Limited

ChagTerms (Trinidad) Limited

C.S. Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Sales & Services Limited

Coosal's Concrete Limited

Cudjoe Construction & Industrial Services Limited

E & I Control Solutions Limited

Electro Masters Electrical Contractors Limited

Enviro Care Limited

Franklyn & Errol Electrical Services Company Limited

Haniff Mohammed & Sons Limited

Harrilal Dookeran Contracting Services Limited

Hydro Tech Limited

ISIMS Trinidad Limited

Kowlessar & Son Company Services

K. Seepaulsingh & Sons

Land and Marine Contracting Services

Massy Wood Group

Nalco An Ecolab Company

Omega Pest Control Company Limited

Oudit Ramjattan & Sons Company Limited

Peloi Interior & External Construction Services Limited

Project & Maintenance Limited

Qualitech Engineering Services Limited

Refractories Specialist Consultants Limited

Refserv Limited

Rentokil Initial Trinidad Limited

Ricky Raghunanan Limited

Ronco Construction Limited

Rooks Oilfield & Engineering Supplies Limited

RPM Technical Services Limited

Sadhna Petroleum Services Company Limited

Samsair Soogrim and Sons

Scaffolding & Civil Engineering Services Limited

Scalex Construction Company Limited

Servair Limited

Smart Vibrations Limited

Solenis (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited

Sookdeo Seepersad & Sons Limited

South-M Construction Limited

Steffen Blasko Bauueberwachung Von Elektrischen Anlagen T&T Limited

Subsea Trinidad & Tobago Limited

Superior Rigging & Testing Limited

Transcend Limited

Trinidad Mooring & Launch Services Limited

Trintokil Limited

Vindra Persad & Sons General Contractors Limited

V.K.D. Transport Limited

Voltec Engineering & Surveying Limited

Weathershield Systems Caribbean Limited

West Indian Energy Group Limited




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