Process for surveillance audits

The STOW Implementation Board has established a process for conducting surveillance audits for STOW Certified companies effective September 1st 2017.  

  • The Board can take the decision to initiate a surveillance audit depending on the scores obtained in the last certification audit, feedback from operating companies or other relevant stakeholders on the HSE Performance of a company or complaints received against a company pertaining to areas of HSE non-conformance.
  • Where a decision is taken to conduct a STOW surveillance audit, the Board will determine the scope and duration of the audit. The company will be given notification one week in advance to prepare for the audit. The company will be required to provide access to all sites and documentation for surveillance purposes.
  • Once the scope and duration of the audit are determined by the Board, the STOW Project Office will email a contract and quotation to the company to be audited.
  • The company will be informed of the results of the surveillance audit. Depending on the outcome of the audit, a decision can be taken to maintain the duration of the company’s certification. Where there are non-conformances to be closed and depending on the nature of the non-conformances, the Board can decide to suspend or withdraw a company’s certification pending the closure of these non-conformances.
  • Refusal to comply with the requirements to conduct a surveillance audit can result in suspension or withdrawal of certification.




Surveillance Audits

Effective Sept 1st 2017 Surveillance Audits will be included in the contracts for STOW audits.......Read more

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