The Energy Chamber is working with the upstream companies of the upstream companies of the Association of Upstream Operators of Trinidad & Tobago (AUOTT) and the downstream companies of the Pt. Lisas Energy Association to implement the STOW programme. Both Associations are equally represented on the STOW Implementation Board that provides governance for the implementation of STOW-TT.

Twenty four of the companies represented in both Associations (AUOTT and PLEA) have signed the STOW Charter as an indication of their mutual support of STOW and their intention to adopt STOW to manage contractor safety.  The signatories to the Charter have set deadlines for the certification of their high risk contractors.

Funding to get the STOW programme off the ground was provided by the Inter-American Development Bank’s Multi-Lateral Investment Bank. 



Surveillance Audits

Effective Sept 1st 2017 Surveillance Audits will be included in the contracts for STOW audits.......Read more

Now available:
- STOW Clinic (call for an appointment)
- Feedback form on the STOW website
- HSE lessons learnt website at