STOW-TT Independent Assessors

The "Independent Assessor" is an individual appointed by the STOW Implementation Board to carry out evaluation and certification work on behalf of the STOW Implementation Board.

The are two levels of Independent Assessor - Independent Assessor and Senior Independent Assessor.  The Independent Assessor is only authorized to certify applicants at the lowest levels of certification, while the Senior Independent Assesor is permitted to certify applicants at all levels of certification. 

Contractors are free to utilize in-house personnel to implement their HSE Management systems or to contract the services of an external consultant, including a Senior Independent Assessor or an Independent Assessor.  

Click here to get information on the criteria to become an Assessor.  


The rates for an Assessor are as follows:

Level                                                         $TT/day

Senior Independent Assessor               $2,500.00 - $3,000.00

Independent Assessor                          $1,500.00 - $2,000.00


Senior Independent Assessors

Alfred Phillips Mark Superville
Allan Ramnarine Natalie Ramdass
Anthony Roberts Nathlee Aleong
Balraj Mohan Nigel Ramlogan
Crispin Alleyne Patrick Jacob
Damian Caesar Rajesh Kandhai
Dayanand Harridass Robert Parris
Deonanan Jagdip Roger Andrews
Fedrison Jagessar Shazara Ali Bocas
Geetram Ramsamooj Shazmin Tricia Aziz
Glenroy London Sherman Ragbir
Joanna Hamid Steve David
Kimberley Xavier Yandesh Parasramsingh
Klenworth Jones Yugash Bahadoorsingh
Leeann Jairamsingh

Independent Assessors

Alisha Mohammed Ramkumar Ajodha
Farzan Rajab Robert Koo
Gail Montilva Samdath Silochan
Kenneth Samlal Shabhan Ali
Narendra Moonan Shazam Edoo
Nicole Alexander Tamara Johnson
Nirmala Parasram Wendell Rattan
Reesa Sylvester Whinfield Mitchell

For Independent Assessor contact details, please call the STOW Project Office at 679-4784 or email Keina at



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